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2013.10 DH01 Thermo, DH02 Heat, DL01 Torch, DS02 Loupe, DT01 Digital, DT03 Travel,
  DT04 Tick, DT05 Tock, DT06 Date were awarded 2013 Good Design Award by Japan Institute of Design Promotion
2013.9 MAISON & OBJET September 6 th - 10 th 2013
  The MAISON & OBJET is an absolute must for all professionals in the world of design for interior decoration and home fashion, Mondo have to be there. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth located in Hall 6, P44 during September 6 th and 10 th.
2013.7 DT04 Wall Clock was launched for sale
  DT05 Alarm Clock was launched for sale
2013.5 DT03 Travel Clock was launched for sale
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